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Get Organised

SquidWeb is the holistic management software helping event staff companies operate in a more streamlined way. From event concept to payment, SquidWeb is an all in one solution for those tricky event industry jobs.

Save time with a more in-depth payroll system, get more organised with the crew calendar, and solve issues from anywhere with the app.

 Take control of SquidWeb with a library of tutorial material, tip videos and community support at your disposal.

Our Favourite Features

What we do

  • Drag & drop interface

    User friendly interface with keyboard hotkey and shortcut support.

  • Mobile companion app

    Fully integrated mobile app for crew, clients and users to manage bookings and documents. Digital signature and report generation for paperless projects.

  • Community tips & tricks

    Regular tip videos and tutorial material as well as access to SquidWiki

  • ToDo system

    Internal messaging system that allows team members to send ToDo requests that link directly to their associated page.

  • Project management

    Project creation and booking system with status updates and automatic report generation.

  • Crew planning

    Time management- planning calendars, planning boards and crew booking overviews.

  • Document quality control

    Qualification and personal document storage with ‘valid until’ warnings and download access.

  • System warnings

    Individual user and company level system alerts and tracker to inform teams of any mistakes or ToDos.

  • Fully integrated accounting suite

    Invoices, quotes, receipts & purchase orders. As well as 3rd party accounting software compatibility.

  • Contact and crew database

    Client and crew database with related document, comments, past actives and communication options.

  • Payroll

    Built in payroll and bank transfer elements that link direct to crew member bookings and automatic calculations.

  • Mailbox and emailing

    Mailbox access to public mailing addresses. Assign emails and their attachments their linked project, invoice or receipt within the system.

About SquidWeb

Back in 1997, after working in the events industry for several years, our founder saw the need for an all inclusive management software – a workhorse for the industry. Originally built to help freelancers upload and validate documents, SquidWeb has come a long way during its 22 years of development.

After all these years of investment in time and knowledge, it’s time to start selling our management software to companies that want to optimize their workflow and benefit from having a management software that will do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

We admit, we’re not the most beautiful, but we are the smartest in the class. SquidWeb is a versatile and dynamic management software that actually works.